Riddled with Arrows Issue 3.1

“Libraries & Bookstores”

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Riddled with Arrows Issue 3.1 Foreword (March 2019)

by Shannon Connor Winward




Plot Devices
Jessica Reisman
The Alchemist
Elena Nola

Borges Riding a Camel
M.L. Kejera

Saffron Prayers
Ellen Estilai
Kari Flickinger
writing in the dark
Jane Tims
People Never Notice Anything
Karen Shepherd
Gale Acuff

Writing on Swans
Claire Smith

Dr. Garbanzo Writes the First Draft
Tim Burkhardt

The Empty Cairn
Mary Thaler

After W.S. Graham
Nick Blundell
For My Writing Life–Open-Label Placebo & Directions
Aliesa Zoecklein
My Four-Year Old Annotates a Third Draft of One of My Recent Poems
Stephen Briseño
The Book of Signs
Carla Kirchner

The Data Shows
Carol Barrett

Updike at the P.O.
Nancy Brewka-Clark

Procrustes and the Procrastinator
Lou Hurst
The Book of Life
Thomas Vaughn
Risa Denenberg

Moses Laments
Patrick Cabello Hansel

The Last Typewriter
Marie Vibbert
The Power of Three
Pat Tompkins



The Riddled with Arrows 
Browsing Library
Grand Opening

My Father’s Letters
John Kaprielian (Cover)


Sloan – Barnes – 3
Thomas R. Winward (Foreword)