Riddled with Arrows Issue 2.2

“The Invisible World”

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Riddled with Arrows Issue 2.2 Foreword (July 2018)

by Shannon Connor Winward


UnseenSeen: An Exhibit Guide to The Invisible World

The Invisible World: Museum Guide for the Imagination Impaired
Liam Hogan
Crack a Cold One
Amber Morrison
The Poet Explains His Work
Greg Beatty
The Language
Giles Goodland



Speaking of Poetry
Andrea Potos
First Cut
Jane Kite
Why Reading Poetry Is Unpleasant
Ronald J. Pelias
The space of one paragraph
Mark A. McCutcheon

To this day, we do not know the range of their vocabulary
Annie Stenzel

Auden and Wordsworth Fistfight on the Moon
As Illustrated by Géricault
David Oates
Packing the Suitcase
Derek Kannemeyer
Ars Titanica
Steven Reese
Re: Emergence
Isla McKetta

Meal of Eyeball
Úchè Ogbuji

Silhouettes from a More Intricate Light
Iris Orpi

Jake Tringali
The Tarot Tree
Elena Nola
Juleigh Howard-Hobson

The Moment
David Barber

What I Fear to Write Tracks Me Down
Michael Dwayne Smith
naming blue
Ayame Whitfield
Thymine, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine
Chris Bullard
Where Haiku Comes From
Greg Beatty
the poem needs your devouring
Ayame Whitfield




the authoress protects her muses
gaye gambell-peterson (Cover)

Thomas R. Winward (Foreword)
Page Splitter
Gregg Williard (UnseenSeen Exhibit)
Via Pixabay (Lightwork)

Campfire, firepit, bonfire and black background HD Photo
Chris Rhoads via Unsplash (ShadowPlay)