Shannon Connor Winward, Editor (she/her/ Royal We)

Shannon Connor Winward collapsed from a congenital curse and now speaks of herself in the past tense, regretting all those times she said, “I wish I never had to leave my bed.” She authored the Elgin Award-winning Undoing Winter (2014) and The Year of the Witch (2018), and once served as a Fellow in Fiction for her home State of Delaware

Shannon’s written relics can be found in such eclectic places as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Analog, Skelos, Lunch Ticket, Flash Fiction Online, Literary Mama, Crow Toes Quarterly, Eternal Haunted Summer, Deaf Poet’s Society, a feature in Poets & Writers, the annals of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, many small press anthologies, and here and there a Review. For now her mind lingers in the brokedown tower of her body in a blue room, where she writes madly against the gods and the clock and edits Riddled with Arrows Literary Journal

Ro Molina served as Visual Art Editor for RwA Volumes 1 & 2. 
In 2019 Ro stepped down to focus on her writing & visual art. We’ve tried to replace her, but she’s a tough act to follow. See what she’s up to lately on Instagram and her website:


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