Riddled with Arrows

will be open to submissions 
February 26 – March 16, 2018


April 1, 2018 (RwA 2.1) – Open Theme / NaPoMo 

Riddled with Arrows seeks meta-fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual media that explores the process and product of writing as art. This issue will be heavy on poetry in recognition of National Poetry Month, but ALL genres & themes will be considered, so long as they fit our general guidelines.  No foolin’.

Please do note: While our upcoming issue is open-themed, remember: Riddled with Arrows exclusively publishes meta-fiction/poetry and writing about writing.  Works that skimp on the meta- or writing-related  part will be rejected.  Not sure what we mean by “meta” or “writing-related”? Read past issues for examples of writers who got it write right. 

While you’re at it, pay attention to our guidelines. We have particular tastes.

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