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Sagar Megharaj is a product-manager-turned-writer from Bangalore, India. He quit his job towards the end of 2019, and he is currently working on two novels: a memoir based on his own experience with depression, and a supernatural thriller dealing with awakening of dead souls. He has also written four short stories in the last year.

Sagar has a weirdly adaptive personality. He often speaks childish gibberish at home with wife, but he swears with every alternate word when hanging out with school friends. He behaves like the ideal, well-mannered and obedient elder son when with his parents, but at work you’ll often find him pranking his colleagues. And yet, not even Sagar knows what his true personality is like. He hasn’t spent enough time with himself to find that out. Instagram: artypartybysagar

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Another Time

Sagar says: With “Another Time”, I’ve tried to show the anxiety and despair that authors, especially new ones, go through while trying to come up with a story within given constraints. Like when submitting to a journal (wink, wink) or some writing competition. Sometimes, this anxiety can (somewhat) fuel creativity within us, while at other times, all we can do is accept defeat and move on.

In an earlier iteration I included references to my first novel, and here’s why. For most parts, it’s a story about three years of my life as I struggled with depression. But I reveal in the end that it was in fact this process of writing the book, of writing about my experiences, which ultimately helped me look at my life with objectivity and find a way out of depression. Essentially, it’s the story about how the book came into being.

You know what the fun part is? I only found out about metafiction as a genre when I stumbled on Riddled with Arrows. Such a strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Sagar’s favorite online writing resource is Writing Excuses Podcast. If he had to pick only one writing resource of any kind, he’d pick this one in a heartbeat.

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