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Steve Gilmartin is the author of Comes Up to Face the Skies (Little Red Leaves Textile Series), a chapbook of mistranslations of Emily Dickinson from German editions of her work. His fiction and poetry have appeared in many print and online journals, including and/or, Big Bridge, Café Irreal, Drunken Boat, Eleven Eleven, Lunch Ticket, Otoliths, SurVision, Terror House Magazine, Sein und Werden, and The Collidescope.
Steve also plays guitar with the band Sound Animal on the instrumental “Bad Hair Day on Saturn“.
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Steve says: I see myself as primarily a language-driven writer, and so I sometimes find myself writing in a self-consciously meta style that focuses on the material I am working with, language itself. I’m pulled along to a slightly lesser extent by creation of character/voice-driven fiction and again sometimes enjoy taking a step back to observe the process of fictional character creation, concentrating on the stage conventions, so to speak, that contain and foreground characters rather than on the characters themselves. Finally, I enjoy centering story weakness as a metafictional theme. I believe that competing narratives and the valorization of story have increasingly come to dominate our social interactions, and so metafictional awareness in art and in life has now assumed a greater importance than I remember it ever having before.
Steve’s favorite online writing resource is the Cut’n’Mix application, which facilitates cut-up, collage, text mixing, and mashups.
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