Riddled with Arrows Issue 2.1

April 2018

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Riddled with Arrows Issue 2.1 Foreword

by Shannon Connor Winward

Ornithology & Aeronautics

Cardiology & Kinematics

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Writing Prompts
Michael Brockley
Roosting on Telephone Wires
Ann Thornfield-Long
The Word Heart
Andrea Potos
Scriba et Labora
Lois Marie Harrod
My Contribution
Merridawn Duckler
The Superfluous Hen
Laura Reece Hogan
Sylvia, Hank, and the Undisciplined Squish of Emotion
Kim Peter Kovac
Why Poets Need to Travel
Iris Orpi
Don’t Write About Writing
Christopher Stolle
The Master of Time
James Penha
Secrets That are Not Mine
Laurel Radzieski

Alicia Hoffman

Not Writing Because
Carla Panciera

The Future of Writing
M. Martin Perez

Outer Space
Eva Liu


Playing Fetch with My Pen
Amanda Partridge

Birds on a Wire 1
Ro Molina (Cover)

Lesson 39 When, Where
Amanda Yskamp
(Ornithology & Aeronautics)

Morphology & Optics

All Work
Toe Keen
(Morphology & Optics)

Confessions of a Looter
Diane Kendig

Vitruvian Man
Leonardo da Vinci
(Cardiology & Kinematics)

 Josie Robs a Bank
Gabrielle Reid

Birds on a Wire 2
Ro Molina (Foreward)

Ardent Mirrors
Grove Koger