Riddled with Arrows Issue 3.1

“Libraries & Bookstores”

000 ~ 99.9    

000.1W  Title Goes Here: Foreword
              RwA 3.1 “Libaries & Bookstores”
                Winward, Shannon Connor

100 – 199.9 

100.1P  The Unsearchable Library
             Pettit, M.J. (Fiction)
110.2K  Librarians Cannot Save it All
             Knoll, Tricia (Poetry) 

200 ~ 299.9

200.1C  Home
             Cook, Courtney (Visual Art)
210.2N  A Vampire Novelist
             Nogle, Christi (Fiction)
220.3S  The Book Signing
             Schein, Lorraine (Fiction)

600 ~ 699.9

600.1D Mohawk Valley
             Community College Library
Denehan, Steve (Poetry)
610.2B  Discord
             Bergmann, F. J. (Poetry)
620.3G  If Emily Dickinson Had Used
             the Dewey Decimal System
Gamble, Robbie (Poetry)
630.4A  How to Be a Poet
              Anfang, Sandra (Poetry)
640.5G  Prison Break
              Gilmour, W.R.
650.6M  Ars Poetica:
              or why I am fixing the book-
              store’s poetry section
              Morris, Michael (Poetry)

300 ~ 399.9
310.2C  The Stacks
             Callahan, Diane (Fiction)
Area Woman Found 
             Crushed to Death
             Kastelein, Kate (Fiction)

400 ~ 499.9   

400.1E  The Bookshop of
             Forking Paths
             Eikamp, Rhonda (Fiction)
410.2D  Fatherland
Dietrich, Bryan D. (Poetry)


700 ~ 799.9  Issue Art

700.1W  Between Books
Winward, Thomas R. (Cover)
700.2W  Shelf1
              Winward, Shannon C (TOC)
710.3P    Michal Jeník ~ Pixabay (100 ~ 199.9)
720.4P   Prettysleepy1 ~ Pixabay (300 ~ 399.9)
730.5P   Free-Photos ~ Pixabay (400 ~ 499.9)
740.6P   StockSnap ~ Pixabay (500 ~ 599.9)
750.7W  Yrabil
              Winward, Shannon C. (600 ~ 699.9)
760.8P   ViktorVon ~ Pixabay (Contributors)

800 ~ 899.9

803.1   Issue 3.1 Contributors

500 ~ 599.9

 Books Bought and Souled
             Smith, Oliver (Poetry)
Bookstore Ghosts
Galko, Michael J, (Poetry)
520.3C  Her Breasts
             Cottonwood, Joe (Poetry)
530.4S  In the Library with
             Norma Jeane, June 1, 2002
             Steinfeld, J.J. (Poetry)
540.5H Someone Read This
             Book Before
             Harrod, Lois Marie (Poetry)
550.6E  I Never Play Bob Dylan
             Evans, R.G. (Poetry)

900 ~ 999.9  

900.1S   “Sometimes, what I see is a library
in a rural community.
All the tall shelves in the big open room.
And the pencils
In a cup at Circulation, gnawed on
by the entire population.

The books have lived here
all along, belonging
For weeks at a time to one or another
in the brief sequence
Of family names, speaking
(at night mostly) to a face,

A pair of eyes. The most remarkable lies.”
              –Smith, Tracy K.
from “My God, It’s Full of Stars” 
              Life on Mars

999.99C  “I went to a bookstore
 and asked the saleswoman,
 ‘Where’s the self-help section?’
 She said if she told me,
 it would defeat the purpose.” 
              –Carlin, George