Riddled with Arrows Issue 4.1: Wait, What?


Do not be alarmed. According to butterfly theory you are in the right place.

You have reached Riddled with Arrows, an online journal of metafiction, ars poetica and writing that explores the process and product of writing as art. This is our special pandemic issue on “writing from isolation” masquerading as a desert island-themed “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” (remember those?) immersion experience. OR, if you prefer, a light-hearted personality quiz such as you might find in Psych 101 or in a glossy magazine OR think of it as a meditative excercise through poetry and prose from around the world at the (tale?)tail-end of an unprecedented year of pandemic and loss and upheaval. 

Please note that Riddled with Arrows 4.1: “Message in a Bottle” is meant for entertainment and reflection; we are writers, not a substitute for Myers-Briggs or any other quote unquote diagnostic tool. Please do not take our assessment too seriously unless it helps you to do so, in which case *hugs*.

If you prefer to dispense with the meta-antics and just Read the Thing, you may access the content directly via the Table of Contents, which can be found with the amazing navigational tool below:.

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