RwA 5.3: “Writing Endings” ~ Eulogies, Epilogues, & Effigies

Earth to Earth To the Sea

Elinora Lord

Loss for Words
John Kaprielian

Michael Thomas Ellis

Family Plot
Karen Kilcup

An Ode for Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
Michael Brockley

Little Cabbage
F. J. Bergmann

Waterlogged Past
Lorraine Jeffery

Writing in a Flood
Alexander Etheridge

Writing Free (of Glass Lines)
M. Kelly Peach

Sky Coming Down
Stephen Wing

Composed in Afghanistan
Jennifer Met

Things To Do When You Should Be Writing
Rachel Mallalieu

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Dust in the Wind Blood and Bone

To an Aging Mentor
Alexander Etheridge

Interview with a Former Major Poet
Alex McKeown

Opari is the Oldest Form of Poetry
Sivakami Velliangiri

Jennifer Met

The Moth
Anthony Lawrence

Featured Fiction

Amanda Yskamp

A Definition of Poetry
M. Kelly Peach

Fiona Ritchie Walker

Past Perfect
Erinn Batykefer

The Robber’s House is Rigged
Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman

Radical Surgery
Kathryn Paulsen

Becky Nicole James

Maybe I can Dream a Title
Barbara Reynolds

Last Generation: The Undertaker Examines the Bones of the Last Dead Aboard the Ship
T.D. Walker

Visual Art


Curtis Paper Mill Newark, Del. (Cover Art)
Thomas R. Winward

Headstone of Enoch Grove 
Etching by Anna Gove / Photo by Karen Kilcup

Arachne’s Portion 
HindsightMourning Chimes 
Shannon Connor Winward

Column of Affect (Swallows)
Amanda Yskamp

Tapestry (Blood and Bone)
Marge Simon

Stock Images used in this issue:

“Chairs” by Tama66
“Door” by Dimitris Vetsikas
“Equinox” by Johnny Lindner
“Book” by Rafael Juárez
“Moth” by Illuvis
“Lighthouse” by Kanenori
“Fantasy” by ntnvnc
“Clouds” by Geralt
“Vintage” by Mia Teegan
Wikipedia Commons File: 806
     “Hand and Wrist”

Editor’s Foreword

After Words
Shannon Connor Winward




This issue of Riddled with Arrows
is dedicated to those we have lost
in particular the writers
and poets
the teachers and mentors
the librarians and local heroes





—and my mom.