RwA 5.4: Table of Contents


Summer 2022


Editor’s Foreword
Shannon Connor Winward

I. Adjective
allowing access, passage, or a view
through an empty space


II. Verb
to unfold or be unfolded; spread out
to part the covers or display the contents
(as in a book or file) to be read

Your Story
Kathy Berger

Written by Doobie
Chris Kuriata

Poster Man (Visual Art)
E.E. King

Judith Shapiro

Sex Scene Example
Bennett Durkan


IV. Mathematics
(of a set) not containing any of its
limit points

The Friend (Visual Art)
Maheshwar N. Sinha

Facing a “Three to Five Poems” Quandary, I Turn to Sara Bareilles
Colette Parris

Writing What You Know
Alice Whittenburg


Stock images used in this issue:

“background” by Jplenio 
“lost places” by Tama66
“Estrada de Ferro” by 4144132
“dog” by Sabrinasfotos 
“cage” by zzmart
“child” by pixundfertig
“Sydney” by Schommartz

2022 Ars Poetica Prize

Winning Poems & Finalists
About the Judge & First Readers



III. Noun
a competition with no restrictions;

unobstructed space; an exposed location 

Before the Poem Arrives (Visual Art)
Désirée Jung

Waiting for a Poem
Mary C. Rowin 

Feby Joseph

For Therapy, I Mix Metaphors
D.R. James

Janet M. Powers

Cow Crashes Through Roof,
Kills Sleeping Man

David P. Miller

When the Stories Stop Being Fiction
Kelley J. P. Lindberg

Lavina Blossom

The Case Against Poetry
Jim Murdoch

Submit, Submit
Lavina Blossom



V. Adjective
(of a store, place of entertainment, etc.)
officially admitting customers or visitors;
available for business.