Stuff We See a Lot

A List of Stuff

that you should maybe rethink before submitting
because we see a Lot Of It
(…a work in progress)


  • Writing that has nothing to do with writing and isn’t meta
  • Writing that is about writing / is meta but doesn’t fit the issue’s theme
  • Meta in the form of “I’m talking to you about what I’m writing as I write it” stories
  • Ars poetica titled “Ars Poetica”
  • Muses
  • Photos featuring only an artsy filter app
  • Emily Dickinson, Kafka, Billy Collins & Helen Keller
  • Writing that is focused more on spoken language than writing itself. It’s a fine line and we’re not NOT interested; it’s just that the process and product of writing as art takes precedence over, say, phonetics
  • Penises
  • Deals with the devil
  • Rhyming poems about Why I Write
  • Muses
  • also Muses