Riddled with Arrows Issue 4.1: Alone on Meta Island

A Choose Your Own Adventure & 
Personal Assessment Experience


You awake to find yourself alone.

You have just endured something unthinkable.

On the other hand, you’re reading this, which means you’re probably still alive. That’s something, right? That’s a start.

You are on an island of some sort. You see no signs of human habitation; just a stretch of beach around a forest from which you hear strange chitters, grunts, and birdsong. But good news! The trees are flush with fruit and huge fat fronds still heavy with rain. There is no shortage of food or fresh water here.

On the far side of the beach is a rocky outcrop, with deep black openings suggestive of underground caves or ceynotes: ancient, dark and unknown spaces, echoing and unfathomable. The stones there look like they could be chipped and shaped.

At the other end of the beach there is copse of young trees and lots of long, pliable grass. In between, along the tideline, lies the debris of your recent disaster.  

By now the sun is past its zenith. Time to choose.  

Where you are YOU in the 7 Stages of Isolation?

The order of your selections may reveal how you got here— or where you are headed, maybe. Something like that. Don’t think too hard and don’t peek!! But be sure to look around for buried treasure!

What do you do FIRST?