Farewell Ro, and Thanks for All the Code

After two glorious years, Ro Molina, the behind-the-scenes coding gremlin and art editor at Riddled with Arrows, is moving on

Quite simply, Riddled with Arrows would not be a thing if weren’t for Ro. Or, if it were a Ro-less thing, it would be very different, probably blander and glitchy, and born much later on the literary scene. 

Ro and I have been friends since the days of Deadjournal (remember Deadjournal?!?) She’s witnessed my particular brand of crazy for a long time, in other words, so she probably should have known better than to answer my plea for a volunteer Visual Editor back in the summer of 2016. But for whatever reason, she put her whole self behind this project. She held my hand and, more importantly, she held my code. Ro was the midwife who brought the idea for Riddled into reality, and for that I will be forever grateful.

In 2019 Ro will step down from the Riddled masthead in order to focus on her writing career with a small side of visual art. You can follow along on her Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/missromolina/ and her website UnnaturalCreatures.com.

We here at Riddled with Arrows (now the royal “We”, for the foreseeable future) wish to send Ro off with a proper Farewell and Thank You. So:

Farewell and thank you to our talented, generous, patient, enduring, smart, amazing, lovely friend. You are loved, and we wish you the very best with all your future creations.

—xoxo Shannon Connor Winward, Riddled with Arrows



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