Riddled with Arrows Award Nominees 2018

It is our pleasure (and, indeed, our honor) to nominate Riddled with Arrows contributors for literary prizes. Although the process of narrowing our rosters of masterful poets and prose authors down to just a select few is extremely challenging, the following works were chosen for excellence in their respective genres as well as for being notable examples of the meta-arts.

Click on the RwA link to read each nominated work in its original issue.

Best of the Net 2018
Sundress Publications

For works first published online between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.


  • “the origin of masquerades” by Jeremiah O. Agbaakin (RwA 1.3, October 2017)
  • “It’s about the terror of having nothing” by Babo Kamel (RwA 1.3, October 2017)
  • “Möbius Strip” by Robbie Gamble (RwA 1.4, December 2017)
  • “bodyparts and recipes” by kerry rawlinson (RwA 1.4, December 2017)
  • “The Superfluous Hen” by Laura Reece Hogan (RwA 2.1, March 2018)
  • “Roosting on Telephone Wires” by Ann Thornfield-Long (RwA 2.1, March 2018)


  • “Auntie Lauretta’s Gossip Recipes” by Chris Kuriata (RwA 1.4, December 2017)
  • “The Girl Who Fought a Wolf for a Cheeseburger ” by H.L. Fullerton (RwA 1.4, December 2017)


  • “Butter-Cake” by Karen Greenbaum-Maya (RwA 1.4, December 2017)
  • ” A Moveable Hunger ” by Joseph Ahearne (RwA 1.4, December 2017)


2019 Pushcart Prize

Announcing for the first time, the Riddled with Arrows 2018 Pushcart Prize nominees (for works first published by small magazines and presses in the 2018 calendar year).


  • “The Superfluous Hen” by Laura Reece Hogan (RwA 2.1, April 2018)
  • The space of one paragraph” by Mark A. McCutcheon (RwA 2.2, July 2018)
  • “Packing the Suitcase” by Derek Kannemeyer (RwA 2.2, July 2018)


  • “Why Reading Poetry is Unpleasant” by Ronald J. Pelias (RwA 2.2, July 2018)
  • “The Empty Cairn” by Mary Thaler (RwA 2.3, November 2018)
  • “The Book of Signs” by Carla Kirchner (RwA 2.3, November 2018)


Congratulations to all the Riddled with Arrows nominees!


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