Riddled with Arrows Issue 4.1: Ipse

You found buried treasure!! Enjoy:

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Ipse*: a sonnet I contend could have been found hidden behind a wall plaque marked CM in St. George’s Church, Canterbury, England.

Enough of double speaking round and round
I want to bring another point of view:
to speak of who I am so I am found…
…no. I cannot do that, for if I do
then all my work with wrapping will unwind.
A grimoire divulged unto the masses
is changed into a book of common kind,
spells become dispelled and magic passes
with the loss of each occluded power.
That which is secret must still secret be
or else it is cancelled; too much of our
way has been lost this way. That I am me
is enough to say, take me at my word:
I’d love to be but can not be forward.

–> Author:s Note: Christopher Marlowe had been accused of atheism and other crimes against the established order (the church, mostly) and was sure to be found guilty and then burned at the stake. It has been said that he was a spy for Queen Elizabeth, and thus well connected enough to facilitate an escape made possible through a fake death. He continued to write, and an actor/businessman named William Shakespeare was hired to be the ‘front’ for his work. Exiled, Marlowe longed to be recognized. It is further contended that he laced his presence and his existence throughout his works, like this: 

Then learn this of me: to have is to have; for it is a
figure in rhetoric that drink, being pour’d out of a cup into a
glass, by filling the one doth empty the other; for all your
writers do consent that ipse is he; now, you are not ipse, for I
am he.  (As You Like It  Act V Scene 1)

Meanwhile, back on the island: