Riddled with Arrows Issue 5.1: Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes ~ Day 9

A Light in the Graveyard

1. Dead in a box. Wondering why we’re buried facing up.
“The most common thing through all the universe is
Darkness. Pressed firm below dirt, we yearn for sun. Still.”

Carved words and sawdust inscribes a cold, grave romance.
Bereft and a bit deranged. By quiet. “My heart isn’t here.”
I’m lost alone in the dark. Wishing for your mirth.
Suffocating heartache in rotten wood beneath turf.

Mute with soil.
Teeth filled with grit.

2. She pressed her hands deep. Below soil, through rotten boards to clasp his.
Rigid bones bent by pliant flesh. In rictus, they embraced across the long divide.

She wrote in his flesh: “I loved you when. For you were always the quiet one.”

–> Dr. Scary & Mr. Gory


Riddled with Arrows 5.1: “Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes”
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