Riddled with Arrows Issue 5.1: Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes ~ Day 11

Exhibit #0214269

Rebecca Buchanan

Item: Human heart
Date: 3rd century CE
Status: Incorruptible

Description: Heart (human, likely male). Odour of Sanctity (often described as a combination of rose, vanilla, sugar, and sometimes cocoa). Myroblysia a.k.a. Oil of Saints (flows only once each year, on 14 February).

Additional Notes: Seek the saint’s blessing at your own risk. Museum is not liable for any fatalities, natural or otherwise. Please form a line, single file. No cutting, no shoving, no fighting. Graphomania will manifest suddenly and violently. Sit down or find a wall to lean against as you compose your perfect love letter/poem/song. Pen/pencil and paper are traditional, but not recommended for safety reasons. Tablets and phones are preferable. Perfect love letter/poem/song guaranteed. Happily ever after is not.



Riddled with Arrows 5.1: “Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes”
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“Heart break makes me Horny” by Geoffrey A. Landis
“Heart” by b0red @ Pixabay