Riddled with Arrows Issue 5.1: Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes ~ Day 6


Odd Love Notes


Liam Hogan


When I was seven, I sent a Valentine’s love note scrawled in Crayon to my classmate Emily. She chewed it up and spat back the wet mess.


When I was nine, I passed a love note to Marcia. She laughed at me, and then got her three-year older brother to rough me up.


I wasn’t brave enough to send a Valentine’s note to my neighbour, Kim, when I was eleven. I regret that, now.


When I was thirteen, Mrs Parker intercepted my note before it was delivered.


When I was fifteen, I thought this was the one, but my five-fold Valentine’s to Victoria went ignored. I never even knew if she found it, wedged into her school locker.


At nineteen, on the cusp of university, I handed a love note to Alice between the pages of a second hand Lewis Carroll. Corny, I know. She sent it back rose-red with corrections. It didn’t matter. I was head over heels in love.


Riddled with Arrows 5.1: “Candy Hearts & Little Literary Love Notes”
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